Workshop for young researchers

The workshop "Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories" will bring together talented young researchers - PhD students and early stage postdocs working in theoretical physics. It is organized as an event within the Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Gauge Theory as an Integrable System”, short GATIS, which is a European-wide training network for young researchers in High Energy Physics and Mathematics.

Local organizers: Jun Bourdier, Nikolay Gromov, Fedor Levkovich-Maslyuk.


The program of the workshop consists of two main parts. During the first two days of the conference there will be about 18 half an hour long research talks by participants, and the conference dinner is planned for the evening of the second day. During the remaining 3 days of the program SISSA Medialab will conduct their first training in science communication. The topics include: Introduction to science communication, Communicating our research, Places and media to communicate science. The training is given by speakers and tutors: Enrico M. Balli, Simona Cerrato and Paola Rodari.